Rates & Services

Stet logoFor all services below, edits are made electronically in Microsoft Word with detailed suggestions provided by email.

In response to your full-length or chapbook-length prose manuscript, or individual stories and essays, services may include the following depending on the personal needs of each author:

  • Detailed comments and line edits
  • Feedback about structure and flow
  • Feedback and suggestions for titles (of the manuscript and individual prose pieces if part of a short story/essay collection versus a novel)
  • For short story or essay collections, evaluation of each piece and their inclusion in the manuscript

Below is a breakdown of services and hourly rates. Services are tailored to the specific needs of the author and may not necessarily include all services listed below but is provided as a rough estimate:

Service Fiction Creative Nonfiction Pace of Work One page is defined as 250 words, lines double-spaced, the industry standard for a manuscript page
Copyediting $40/hour $45/hour 4-6 pages/hr
Line Editing $50/hour $50/hour 4-6 pages/hr
Proofreading $35/hour $40/hour 7-10 pages/hr
Extensive written feedback and suggestions $55/hour $55/hour 4-6 pages/hr
*Sensitivity Reads $35/hour $35/hour 11-15 pages/hr

Upon the author’s preference, manuscript discussion may be conducted by phone at $80/hour, or if Zoom is preferred, $90/hour. Otherwise, feedback and discussion will be provided by email and are inclusive of the services listed above.

*Sensitivity reads, if requested by the author, will be decided by the editor after preliminary discussion with the author and preview of the manuscript.

In the event of workload and time constraints, all projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Services not outlined above are not the responsibility of the editor. Such services not included are coaching; copyediting outside of fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts such as business, sales, medical, and academic work; curriculum development; design/layout/formatting; developmental editing; indexing; marketing/promotion; permissions; project management; proofreading outside of fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts such as business, sales, medical, and academic work; research/fact checking; transcription; translation; and ghostwriting.



For MFA, MA, and PhD Creative Writing candidates, student rates and flat rates are available to help offset editing costs while still delivering quality services.  Please inquire for details on the CONTACT page.